Monday, July 11, 2011

Independence Day

Since my wonderful Hubby was home all week, we went to Kokomo after church on the 3rd & stayed in a hotel Sunday & Monday nights. We visited with Hubby's parents & swam in the hotel pool. Just a little time away. We didn't go see fireworks which disappointed the kids a little.

We went to a park with Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Neal & let the kids play for awhile. Jamie at the top of the playground.

Jessica climbing to the top. 
 Daddy pushing David.

 All 3 swinging.
Grandma getting ready to swing Jessica.

Grandpa & Uncle Neal

Then we went swimming at the hotel. This pool was pretty shallow, only 5 feet. Here's Jamie in the pool.

David in mid-jump. He kept trying to do belly flops.

 All my kids enjoying the pool!
And lastly, Jessica learned to float by herself. She'd always had to have us help her get laid out. But figured out how to do it on her own!

We had a great time on our little getaway. Then on Wednesday, the kids & I went to Hope for the day because Hubby had webinars all day. We went to see Mamaw Beeker. Then we just hung out at my parents.It was a great time. I helped Dad in the garden & came home with Zucchini, Yellow Squash & a mess of green beans.

We spent rest of the week running errands & working on getting the downstairs put back in order. I will take pictures of my living room tomorrow & post them soon. I'm really liking the new setup & the new color.

So how did you spend your Holiday week??

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