Monday, September 14, 2009


I've noticed my last few post have been complaint filled. So this one is one of praise! I'm just going to list reasons I have to praise God!
What I praise God for:
-for being God! The alpha, the omega, the beginning, the end.

-for forgiving me! I don't deserve His Love or His Grace! Yet He sent His Son to die for me so that I might live. So that my sins might be forgiven!

-for His creation! The plants, the flowers, the animals, the stars, the clouds, the moon, the sun, the trees, the bugs, the people!

-for creativity! How diverse yet so similar is our world! Only God could create a sky full of stars. A world of snowflakes with each one different!

-for my Hubby! God orchestrated my path & his path to collide. I couldn't have picked a better husband. I am truly blessed with a hubby who loves me, who spoils me, who protects me, who desires me, who loves me!

-for my kids! My oldest who is so logical & deep. She remembers everything she sees/hears. She looks at life through God! I pray she never loses that! My son who is so loving! He has such a tender heart yet he is all boy! He's not afraid to ask questions - such an inquisitive mind! My youngest who is full of gusto! She's full of joy & playfulness. She walks to the beat of her own drum!

-for my parents who showed me who Jesus was by living their faith. Always supportive & helping others. Always loving me no matter what I did or said. Encouraging me to seek God always!

-for my in-laws. No one could ask for better in-laws! Always there to support us & always loving us! I truly feel like I am their daughter!

-for my brother & sister-in-law. My brother is so smart & talented. He is an awesome example for my kids of what a diligent worker is! My sister-in-law is so loving & gives my kids an example of love in action! She loves God's creatures & encourages that in my kids!

-for a wonderful church & church family. I never dreamed we'd find a church that Teaches the Bible and is so friendly. They truly are family. They support us, they love us & our kids.

So this is just a little of what I praise God for! So what are you praising God for today?? I'd love to hear your praises!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

From one health problem to another....

So, I finally got my blood pressure under control & now I'm dealing with a fissure! Ouch! I've been in pain most of the last 3 months... The last 3 weeks have been really bad and I have fibromyalgia & am used to dealing with pain...

I'm so tired of hurting & being sidelined by pain. Physically, I've had to deal with worse pain. BUT this time it seems harder. I know I'm being harder on myself. I'm so frustrated with the fact that I'm having trouble taking care of my hubby & kids. Mind you, they aren't complaining as my hubby has taken awesome care of me and my kids have pitched in & helped a lot. It's just that I know my purpose in life at this stage is to love God, love my husband, love my family & take care of them! I have a house to clean, laundry to do, meals to fix, yardwork to do, school to teach, hubby to be a wife to! ;-)

And the frustration at not being able to fulfill those duties has hit me hard. I know God has a reason for all this, but I can't see it right now. And that's where Satan has me... He used that to eat away at me & tell me I'm useless, worthless & too much of a bother. Why do I listen to him? I know he just wants to pull me away from God & to fill me with despair. Oh God, help me! comfort me, lift me up & help me to withstand the temptation to give in to the pain & despair.

From this moment on Lord, I praise You for this pain. I don't understand it, but I praise You for & in this pain. Use it! Use me! For Your ultimate Glory!! For I know that You love me & that You work all things for Good!!