Friday, July 15, 2011

My Garden & Flowers

Thought I'd share some pictures of my garden & flowers with you.

This is my whole garden.

This is one of my cucumber plants. Jamie calls it Sam.

This cucumber plant is Amanda.

These cucumbers are growing from Sam.

This is one of our Zucchini plants & is named Ava.

Ava has a little zucchini....

...and a big zucchini.

 This little zucchini plant is named David. It is loaded with blooms but no zucchini yet.

Here is one of my green bean plants.

Here is another one. As far as I know, the kids haven't named the bean plants. The beans are blooming!!

This is a newer tomato plant from Dad's compost pile.

This tomato plant is also from Dad's compost pile.

This is one of my cherry tomato plants from Joyce.

Here are some of its tomatoes.

Another Cherry tomato plant from Joyce.

and its tomatoes.

This is the last of my Cherry tomatoes from Joyce. It is my biggest one.

It is loaded with cherry tomatoes & here are just a few.

This is my Big Boy tomato plant.

It has one big tomato so far but has several little ones coming on.

Here are a couple potato plants.

These came from Dad's compost pile also.

My garden tour ends with some Kohlrabi.

This is my biggest kohlrabi plant. I think it's doing so well because it likes being next to my tomato plant.

Here are some of my flowers. 
This Rose is from my Mamaw Beeker's yard. It was a very tiny bush. My aunts laughed when my mom said she was bringing it to me. This little plant blooms off & on all summer & has beautiful petite pink roses!

These purple cone flowers came from Joyce earlier this spring. They are so pretty.

These are some Lilies from Joyce.

I love the way they curl up. I had to get under them to get this picture.

This is my flowering rose bush. It usually blooms in early spring & is loaded with blooms.

Then in the summer, it surprises me with a few extra blooms.

This is the back corner of my yard. As you can see my Black-eyed Susan's are doing wonderful this year. I will probably need to transplant some next year to thin them out.

Hiding in the midst of my black-eyed susan's is a butterfly bush that Joyce gave me last year. It has 1 on it this year.

I will leave you with a close up of some of my black eyed susan's that I dearly love!

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