Saturday, February 22, 2014

Desk project

Hubby & I have caught the "building things" bug! Our latest project is new desk area for our living room/computer room. As you can see, we have Hubby's desk, the big one to the right. Then we have a hutch & 3 mismatched desks on the left. For some time, I have wanted to build in a desk/table to replace the stuff on the right.

So we build a desk. Here the kids are helping sand one of the desk parts.

It is a pretty simple design. 5 2x4s screwed together in a rectangle. Each desk part has 3 of these "legs". The top is a plywood piece that is 2x6.

We made 3 desk units. The one on the far right had to have about 2 ft. cut off in order to get it to fit.

After these desks sat in the living room for about 2 weeks, I finally had a nice day. We carried them to the garage where I sanded them. Then we turned them upside down. I painted the legs black to match Hubby's desk.

When the legs were dry, we turned them back upside right. Then I stained the tops & coated them with polycrylic. This took all took about 4 days. I love the way they turned out.

Today we carried them in & put them in place. They are a little darker than Hubby's desk but it makes that half of the room look more uniform. We still need to hook the 3 units together for extra stability.

Now we have a nice big table/desk for laptops, projects & school work. We even have room for extra laptops when we have StarCraft parties! Now to get the old desks moved to each of the kids' rooms & get the house put back in order.

I wonder what our next project will be??