Monday, July 18, 2011

Love Stinks!

My Hubby & I came to this agreement today! Love Stinks! Why? If we didn't Love each other this traveling thing would be so much easier. But we do love each other & miss each other terribly. So in this respect, love stinks.

If I didn't love my hubby so much:
-I wouldn't cry when he has to leave me & head to the airport.
-I wouldn't sit by the phone waiting to hear he has landed in some distant airport.
-I wouldn't lay awake at night because his cpap is quiet.
-I could just go about my day all normal like when he's gone.
-I would like him being gone 'cause I'd be free to do what I like.
-I wouldn't feel like part of me is missing when we're apart.
-I wouldn't check my email, twitter & phone constantly to see if I got a message from him just saying hi.
-I could walk by his computer desk without sighing because he's not there.
-I wouldn't spend every minute away from him thinking about him.
-I wouldn't listen to his podcasts over & over just so I could hear his voice.
-I wouldn't be reminded of him every time I hear an 80s song.
-I wouldn't see so much of him in each of my children.
-I wouldn't smile every time I get ketchup for my fries.
-I wouldn't know how to get to the airport in my sleep.
-I wouldn't know what Cerner or PointClick Care was or care.
-I wouldn't endure being a single mom during the week.
-I would be angry at having to carry the load of kids, school & house.
-I wouldn't feel that love stinks!

Yes, it may be a little painful to love him so much. But I wouldn't want it any other way. I love that he's my hubby, my lover, my best friend & my soulmate. I love that he misses me, talks about me to everyone he meets, makes me podcasts & loves me! I hate that he travels but am so thankful that he has a job & wants to provide for me & the kids. So, in some ways, love stinks. But in other ways, love is the best thing in the world! I'm so blessed to have found a hubby like mine! I'm so thankful for the almost 23 yrs I've know him & the 20 1/2 yrs I've had the privilege of being his wife, best friend, soulmate & lover! Love doesn't stink!

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