Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday's Birds

Ok, so this isn't a bird. Jessica spotted this little chipmunk this morning! Hopefully he will stay out of my garden. If not, Dad will set a trap & then we will let him go in a field.

Not sure what this is, maybe a young sparrow?

I think this is a house finch.

I think this is a young sparrow but not sure.

Love this Robin with food in its mouth!

Yellow finch.

Yellow & Red! So pretty!

Not sure about this finch but it's green on back & yellow on belly.

Yellow finch again.

A couple of Doves.

I count at least 6 yellow/green finches. 2 are in flight!

The finches love my redbud tree next to the feeders.

It's hard to see them, but there are at least a dozen sparrows chasing bugs in my garden.

A young robin.

What a beautiful sunset that God graced us with tonight! Perfect way to end the day!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More flowers & birds

Just wanted to share more of God's creation with y'all!

My little rose bush from my Mamaw is blooming its little heart out!

Double blooms.


Love how delicate they are.

Beautiful yellow iris blooming in the shade.


They are so heavy & about as big as my hand!

Delicate shamrock bloom.

My medium size rose bush.

Such beautiful blooms.

Such beauty!

Another yellow iris! I only have a few yellow ones, but they are my favorite.

My big rose bush.

Notice the different shades of blooms.

The blooms range from light pink to dark red on same bush!

So delicate & beautiful.

My garden.

Either zucchini, squash, cucumber or cantaloupe.

Tomato that has been eaten on by rabbits.

Another tomato.

Tomato 3.

Tomato 4.

Tomato 5.

Sweet pepper 1.

Sweet pepper 2.

Sweet pepper 3.

Tomato 6.

Either zucchini, squash, cucumber or cantaloupe.

Either zucchini, squash, cucumber or cantaloupe.

Beautiful bird eating.

Robin with worm in mouth.

Another robin.

Sparrow. Her nest is inside the swing cross pipe.


I think these are sparrows but they all have a yellowish tint to their bellies.

This one was clinging to the tree branch as the wind blew him all around, but he never let go of the branch!

I feel so blessed because God has surrounded me with the beauty of His creation in my own backyard!