Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Pics

Just wanted to share with you a few pics I've taken the last to months of some of God's beautiful world.

It's cheered me up looking at them & thinking of how wonderful it is that God shares

just a taste of Heaven with us. I think this world is beautiful &

can't wait to see Heaven as I know it's far more beautiful

than anything I've seen here on earth! So, enjoy!

Do you see the beautiful butterfly?

This last one is taken from a vehicle.

It can not capture the beauty of the sky at that moment.

There were rays of light just shining down,

almost as if God was letting a bit of His Glory shine through & illuminate our way!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another new health diagnosis & adventure

Lately I've been so terribly tired & have had little to no energy to do anything. I sleep 8-10 hrs & feel like I've not slept at all. I'm grumpy & irritable. So, I asked my doctor about it when I was in to see him last week for a sinus infection. He immediately set up a sleep study for me.

On Saturday night, I headed to St. Francis Sleep center to have my sleep study. I was shown to my room which looked like a mini hotel room. I completed a computer questionnaire which asked all about my sleep habits & how I felt during the day. After that the technician told me to watch tv & relax a little while she got her other patient ready.

A little later, she came back in. First she measured my head & marked all the places for the electrodes to be attached. Then she put 3 belts around my chest, stomach & in-between to hold different monitors. Then she started cleaning each spot & attaching electrodes to my head, face, chest & legs. Over 20 different electrodes were cemented & taped to me!

Once everything was connected to me & the computer, I laid down & we did a check of all the wires. I had to do a serious of things like open & close my eyes, snore & move my legs. Then it was time to sleep. I think this would have been hard but I had only gotten 3-4 hours sleep the night before.

I don't remember waking much or even really snoring, but I must have as half way through the night, the tech came in & put a cpap mask on me for rest the night.

About 6am, she woke me up & re-ran the wire check. After that she proceeded to take all the electrodes off. The only one that hurt was the one next to my eye. After a quick computer questionnaire I was on my way home.

Today I got a call from the C-pap company to come get a c-pap. So, it looks like I have sleep apnea. I'm anxious to see my test results to see how bad it is. I'm excited to get my c-pap tomorrow so I can start getting proper sleep & having more energy!! I'll let you know how it goes!