Friday, July 15, 2011


This week, my wonderful Hubby made me 2 podcast. His podcasts for me are like a mix-tape. Each usually has a theme & he makes them when he's away from me. This week the theme was Memories. He would play a song & then recall a memory of an event or person. Some were about me, some about other people.

This got me thinking about some of my memories from different parts of my life. I have some good & bad memories from school time as well as memories from college & early married life. I wonder if the other people involved in the events in my memories even remember them.

I wonder if my neighborhood friends (Kim, Matt, Meagan, Adam & Sarah) remember all the fun we had riding bikes during the summer. We'd leave & be gone hours just riding around the countryside. Or if Kim & Meagan remember writing stories together.

I wonder if my band buddies (Don, Steve, Scot & others) remember all the fun we had during basketball games before & after the band played.

I wonder if Paula & Christi remember the fun we had being managers for the girls basketball team all during highschool.

I wonder if Steve, Ben, Scot, Danny and others remember all the fun we had at the fair every year. I wonder if Frankie, Randy, Daryl & others remember the fun we had showing goats.

I wonder if Cassie, Kim, Christina, Jeff, Doug & others remember all the fun we had at Schroon Lake. Wet sleeping bags because they fell in the lake, walking up the hill to get to cabins from the boat or freezing during the polar bear swim.

I wonder if my Hope Baptist youth group remembers the fun we had at GreenLake leading the conference and tubing down the hills (and wiping out!). Do my "little girls"(Christi, Megan & others)  remember hanging out with me in church & fighting over who was going to sit by me?

I wonder if Paula, Brent, Kevin & others remember playing basketball at lunchtime during high school. We skipped lunch many days so we could hangout on the basketball court.

I wonder if Danny, TJ & Don remember all the fun we had hanging out. Do they remember going hiking at Anderson falls? Does Danny remember coming over to pick up my bro, Scot & I so we could go get milkshakes? Does Don remember talking on the phone many nights till 1am?

I wonder if my Hubby, Michael & Kerry remember walking across the Purdue Mall singing the Unknown Soldier loudly late at night. Does Michael remember meeting for lunch at the dorms?

I wonder if my fellow Foundies (Hubby, Michael, Jeanna, Jo-Bear, Kerry, Big Ed, Chris & lots of others) remember hanging out till all hours of the night studying (or not studying). Do they remember cost suppers? Do they remember Howie making breakfast (all morning long) during finals?

I wonder if Jeanna remembers me living with her so I wouldn't have to stay in a bad situation at the dorms?

I wonder if Hubby, Jeff, Scooter & Jeri remember the dance at University church and that only a few people showed up but we still had fun. I wonder if anyone remembers the dances at the Found.

I wonder if Hubby remembers the night I knew I was going to marry him. It was the night He sat me down under the tree by the dorm & played "our song" for me for the 1st time.

I wonder if anyone else remembers these things and others as fondly as I do. I don't want to go back to the past, but I do have warm spots in my heart for people & times from my past. Some of these people have stayed my friends, others I've just recently reconnected with because of Facebook. Yet others I rarely see & if I do, don't seem to care anymore.

Do you have fond memories of your past? Do any involve me? If so, I'd love to hear them.....


Cheryl said...

Brings back a few memories of my own from the Found, man I was so messed up!!

Lea said...

But we did have some good times too. I think we've all done things we regret in the past. Glad you're not messed up now!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Lea! Just glad to have your friendship again!