Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ShowSpazz Weekend

Last weekend, we had our friends, the Showalter family over. Jeff & Jeff have been buddies since high school! Here's a few pics from our weekend!

A serious picture of the kids.

A goofy picture of the kids.

We grilled out on Sunday.

StarCraft was the game of choice. Here the kids are playing. Usually Jeff, Jeff, Josh & I played. David joined us for a few games.

Jessica enjoying being outside.

Tony looking over the wall at me.

Jessica & Tony playing tag.

Josh turned the curly slide into a water slide for the kids.

They had a blast playing in the water Sunday afternoon.

Jessica was dumping water on Josh. She thought that was so funny!

Later we took a walk.

Choosing kickball teams.

Jessica kicking the ball.

Tony kicking the ball.

Ally kicking the ball.

David running after he kicked.

Jamie kicking the ball.

David & Ally taking a break.

I just love this pic of Ally.

Playing soccer.

A little brother sister scrimmage.

Even Showy enjoyed watching the game.

Soccer game winding down.

This was just a peek at our weekend. We had pizza, burgers, Mexican buffet & lots of donuts, ding dongs & chips. We played StarCraft & RockBand. We watched movies & the kids played. It was just the perfect, fun, relaxing weekend we all needed!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Storms & beauty

We had storms yesterday. I thought I'd share a few pics I took during the storm

& then a few of my flowers today. Enjoy the beauty!