Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Project living room update

It took over 2 weeks, but project living room is pretty much done. Hubby has a few boxes yet to go through before we can put them in the "hole". But I finally have it set up the way I like it & most stuff has found a home.

View from the kitchen. The TV is sitting on the bottom half of the old projector TV with the top board of it nailed to it

This is the fireplace, game chairs & drum set.

Couch is now in the same half of the room as the TV. First time we've done that since we moved in here 8 1/2 yrs ago.

Looking through the "window" into the back half of the living room which is now the computer area.

Hubby's computer desk. As you can tell he still has a few boxes to go through.

Behind Hubby's desk, he has a big book shelf & 2 small shelves to put all his CDs & DVDs & other computer stuff.

This is the kids' computer area. The 2 girls' desks are on the left & the boy's is straight in front of you. This way Hubby can monitor their computer use.

This is the front entry way. My china hutch is full of elephants that I've collected since I was a teenager.

This is our reading area. Excuse the mess of the book shelf. The kids tend to stick books in anyway they can get them to fit.

This is the front coat closet. My Dad cut a hole & put a door on it so we could use the area under the stairs.

As you can see, the area or "hole" is being used to store boxes. There is enough room in the front of the area for us to go if we have a tornado.

We even utilized the small area under the bottom steps to put old TiVos & computers.

This is another view of Hubby's area.

This is looking at the "living" room area from the computer area.

As you can see, my living room is full of tech, but we love it. I'll never have a fancy living room, but that's ok. This works for us. I'm loving the new set up & the new wall color. Hope you all enjoyed this little tour!

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