Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dad's Garden

Last week I posted my garden pics. This week I spent time at my parents' & in my Dad's garden. So I thought I'd share about it. My Dad plants a large garden every year. As he plants, he prays that God will make it grow. Dad plants & then gives away what God produces. He says it is the least he can do. I love my Dad's servant heart! Dad's garden is about 1 acre in size. 

Here is some Watermelon. This was a later planting than most the garden.

One of the pumpkin plants. Should be ready right before Halloween.

This is the cantaloupe patch. It is loaded with melons.

Dad is trying celery this year.

Here is one of his first cabbage plants.

Dad's beets!

Yummy Green Onions!

2nd planting of cabbage.

Pepper plant. If you look close you can see a pepper!

Potato plants. White, red & yellow potatoes. 

The raised bed is full of rhubarb. Behind that is the sweet potatoes.

I believe this is some okra.

One of the sweet potato plants. I think they are absolutely beautiful.

Green beans! On this side of garden dad has 4 long rows, 1 half row & 6 short rows. At bottom of picture you can see a few purple kohlrabi plants.

Dad has lots of sweet corn. Some of it is regular & some of it is red sweet corn that David talked him into planting.

At the back of the garden is several more potato plants as well as 4-5 more rows of green beans.

One of the green bean rows that I helped dad pick this past week.

Each plant was loaded with beans.

One of the zucchini plants.

One of the yellow squash plants.

One of the cucumber plants. This past week mom & Jamie made sweet & dill pickles from them. They are yummy!
Kohlrabi! Dad planted this for my hubby.

We picked the first kohlrabi this week. Hubby said they were yummy.

As we were picking beans, we had company from one of my mom's many cats. She'd sneak in & lay under the plants & scare us!

Dad planted his tomato plants in front of the barn. They are actually as tall as the roof but they are weighed down with tomatoes!

Dad also planted tomatoes at the house in his flower bed.

Dad has orange cherry tomatoes ready! They are yummy!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my Dad's garden. I enjoy spending time helping him as do my kids for a little while. We are all enjoying the fruits (well, really vegetables) of his labor. We are so thankful to God for the bounty He has produced so that we can share it with those in need.