Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Weekend

On Saturday we went to a local park while Jeff did laundry. On Sunday we visited another park, the Lumberman's Monument & Iargo Springs. Enjoy!


Clowning around.

Watching Jess & David play.

My little monkey kept screaming "I'm a monkey" then laughing hysterically!

Just a swingin'!

Timeout for a drink.

Monkey bar time!

Time out for a drink.

She said she was skydiving.

Swinging their Lalaloopsy dolls.

Time out for a drink.

"Look Mom. A leaf as big as my head!"

iPod break.

Just to prove I was there.

A beautiful beachside flower.

The lake & lighthouse.

At the lakeside park in Oscoda.

Monkey see, monkey do!

Actually playing on the playground!

First Jamie pushed.

Then daddy pushed so fast Jess fell off.

A beautiful flower at the Lumberman's Monument.

Beautiful fall foliage.

More fall foliage.

That's his I'm up to something look.

Not sure what that smile is for.

One of 2 falls at Iargo Springs.

The 2nd falls.

The AuSable River.

Another view of the river.

David & Jess on one of the many boardwalks in the spring area.

Jamie & Daddy.

At the end of the last boardwalk, I was rewarded with this view.

Jess was the only one who walked the whole way with me.

Beautiful foliage on the way back up the 200 & some steps.

We had a great time those 2 days! It was nice to relax & have family time.