Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mamaw Beeker's 95th Birthday Party!

Today we celebrated my Mamaw's 95th! Lots of family & friends came to celebrate her! Enjoy some pics! Some are a little blurry as I haven't mastered indoor photography! I captioned some of the pics but didn't take the time to get everyone.

Jamie & all the yummy desserts!

The birthday girl!

My Dad, Skylar & my Uncle Dean (who turned 75 on 3/5)!

My 3 kids with Mamaw!

Braden & Mamaw!

Skylar & Mamaw!

Mike, Tyler & Steve!
Lori & Aunt Sue!

Aunt Bev, Mamaw & Aunt Vi!

My Brother & Sister-in-law with Mamaw!
Uncle Johnny, our videographer!

Jamie, Mrs. Shaffer, Candy, Dad & Mom!

The advantage of being the youngest Granddaughter is that you can get away with not serving food!

Dad & Ronnie!
Mamaw, William & Robert (I may have them switched :-)

The kids! Mom, Dean, Sue, Johnny, Pat, Mamaw & Linda!

Some of the grandkids: Mike, Scott, John, Lori, me, Jonna, Jim, Lisa; Tony, Mamaw & Terri.
Grandkids again with Bob added (back, far left).

Some of Great-Grandkids: Justin, Taylor, Tiffany, Amanda, Skylar, Jamie; David, Braden, Mamaw & Jessica.
Mamaw & Amanda.

Mamaw making faces at my Uncle Dean!
My favorite pic of Mamaw from the day!

Mamaw & Tiffany.

Mamaw & Taylor!
Lori & Mamaw!

The Outlaws: Gerald, Vi, Dad, Bev, Jim & Mamaw.

We had a great time but missed the many who couldn't be with us,

especially Ryan (Army Strong!!)