Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookies & Candy Day 2

Here's my baking from last night & today. I made peppermint patties. Here is the inside of them. I rolled them between parchment paper with rolling pin & then cut with cookie cutter. A lot nicer looking than doing them by hand as the recipe says.

Here they are after I dipped them in chocolate. The rack helped with the dipping but I need to take them off after they have dried a little bit instead of waiting till they are completely dry. They stuck to the rack.


This morning I made snowballs. These are very similar to the Russian Tea cakes but I decided to go ahead & make them as the kids love the Tea cakes.


The kids helped me make chocolate mint crunch cookies. It was very easy. Melted chocolate, crumbled oreos, rice krispies & a little peppermint. Mix & drop on wax paper & let dry!


I made chocolate mint bark too. It is so yummy. It was pretty easy. Only problem I had was over mixing the two colors so it's not as pretty as it could have been.


This is another easy treat the kids helped me with. Take large marshmallows & dip them in chocolate coating or melted semi-sweet chips & crisco. Then roll them in crushed candy canes. Not sure if my chocolate wasn't the right thickness or what. But the candy cane pieces didn't stick very well. So we only did a couple dozen with candy cane pieces. The rest are just dipped in chocolate.


The last treat of the day is chocolate snowballs. Here they are baking. They will look like regular snowballs after rolled in the powdered sugar. Only difference is they have cocoa powder in them. Yum!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookies & Candy

It's Christmas Baking season! The kids & I went through recipes & settled on 18 different ones to try & make. Here's our list. The stuff on the left is things I'll have them help make if they get their rooms cleaned up. But it's looking like I'll get all the fun of cooking by myself.
 Last night I made 5 batches of Easy Fantasy Fudge. That's 15 pounds of fudge!!
Today I tried nut-free Russian Tea cakes for the first time. They are delicious! I don't even miss the nuts!
 I made oatmeal cookies. 1 batch without raisins & 1 batch with raisins.
I also made Chocolate covered cherry cookies. These are a favorite of mine but they are very rich. 
 This is a new recipe I tried called Chocolate Mint Brownies. It's pretty good.
That's all I've made so far. I'm may try 1 or 2 more things today but I'm on a break so I don't over do it. Tomorrow I will hopefully bake with the kids. I'll post more pictures as I cook! Merry Christmas!!