Thursday, July 28, 2011

August is almost here!!!!

No real purpose for this post except I'm sitting at McDonald's letting the kids play so thought I'd update you on all the excitement in our house. It's really quite boring so I won't blame you if you stop reading! ;-)

Hubby is in Oakland, CA and will be home tomorrow. Kids & I went to my friend Cami's today to see the fall line of Thirty-One products. The kids enjoyed playing with Garrett & Mason and I'm loving some of the new Thirty-One products & know how I'm spending some of my birthday money at end of September! Now we are at McDonald's. I'm so thankful my wonderful Hubby sets aside money for us to get out of the house & come here. It's a sanity saver during the summer when we don't have Word of Life or Bible study during the week.

I can't believe August is right around the corner. Next week is a big week for David. On Sunday, we take him to Springhill for his first week of summer camp. He is excited but I'm a little nervous. I know he will have a blast & my dad knows everyone down there so I know he will be safe. I'm praying he has a great time & that God gets ahold of his heart!

The girls will also be gone next week as they are going to Kokomo to Hubby's parents. Their church is having VBS & the girls love going to it. Hubby was supposed to have the week off, but a trainer shortage means he has to go to Denver for the week to teach. I would have loved having him to myself for a week, but that will have to wait. Instead, I will be working on homeschool planning all week.

The 2nd week of August finds Hubby home for a week of family time. Lots of Wii & evening movies at home are planned.

Then Hubby is off to California again. This time to Santa Ana for 2 weeks straight. The great part about this is that I get to join him for 10 of those days. So thankful for parents & in-laws who will watch our kids & neighbors/friends who watch our house! I'm so looking forward to time with Hubby (2 days of which he doesn't have to work!!!) alone!

So as you can see our August is full. So excited that it is almost here!

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