Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday's Birds

Ok, so this isn't a bird. Jessica spotted this little chipmunk this morning! Hopefully he will stay out of my garden. If not, Dad will set a trap & then we will let him go in a field.

Not sure what this is, maybe a young sparrow?

I think this is a house finch.

I think this is a young sparrow but not sure.

Love this Robin with food in its mouth!

Yellow finch.

Yellow & Red! So pretty!

Not sure about this finch but it's green on back & yellow on belly.

Yellow finch again.

A couple of Doves.

I count at least 6 yellow/green finches. 2 are in flight!

The finches love my redbud tree next to the feeders.

It's hard to see them, but there are at least a dozen sparrows chasing bugs in my garden.

A young robin.

What a beautiful sunset that God graced us with tonight! Perfect way to end the day!


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Ma said...

I saw a couple of yellow finches this morning before it started raining. They are so bright!