Friday, May 24, 2013

Visiting my parents!

We spent 3 nights with my parents this week. It was nice to be out in the country. We went out to eat, went shopping, worked in the garden, played basketball, visited Mamaw Beeker & drove/rode the Mule. Enjoy some pics!

Mom's peonies.

Dark pink peonies.

Light pink peonies.


Irises & buttercups.

Pretty flowers but not sure what they are.

Pansies mom got from my Brother & Sister-in-law.



Martin coming out of her house.

Another sunset.

M - O - O - N, that spells "moon"!

Playing basketball.

Playing Basketball.



Red headed finch.


Woodpecker from other side.

Something I've not seen before, a dove ON the feeder.

Papaw taking my kids & the neighbor girl, Danica, for a ride.

Papaw's weird looking cat. It has a tiger face & tail but its body looks Siamese.


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Ma said...

It IS nice to be out in the country. Lovely pics!