Monday, June 10, 2013

SpringHill Camp youth work week!

I spent last week with a group of incredible young women & young men volunteering at SpringHill camp. In this post and the next, I just plan to share a lot of pictures. I will share a post sometime later about what God taught me during the week. For now, let me just thank all of you who were praying for me! I made it through! It started as a rough week for me & ended with me feeling the best I have in a long time. Through your prayers, God blessed me incredibly! So thank you!!! Now, on to the work pictures!

I was in the kitchen all week so the only work pics I have are in kitchen or outside the kitchen. I did include pics from Debby & Corinne so you could see some of the other things the kids did.

Hannah & Nora getting ready to work.

Zach rinsing dishes.

Gabe putting away clean dishes.

Hannah & Nora washing apples.

Zach & Gabe mopping the dish room.

Sam H. Helping rearrange the freezer.

Gabe sweeping the Octoball pit.

Andrew sweeping the porch around the dining hall.

Zach washing windows.

Andrew washing windows.

Sam H. washing windows.

Gabe & Sam H. washing windows.

Gabe washing the chimes.

Gabe, Andrew & Zach washing windows.

Gabe putting away dishes.

Brittany rinsing dishes & Justin goofing.

Jamie washing tables.

Jamie washing tables. She washed all the tables on her own!

Justin & Debby discussing work crews.

Brittany & Christina pulling weeds.

Pastor Bryan weed eating.

Gabe & Nora pulling weeds.

Ryan picking up brush so he can weed eat.

Mikey weed eating.


Picking up trash around the dumpster. (Debby's photo)

Picking up trash around dumpster. (Debby's photo)

Trimming bushes. (Debby's photo)

Trimming bushes. (Debby's photo)

Trimming bushes. (Debby's photo)

Weed eating. (Debby's photo)

Filling potholes. (Debby's photo)

Pulling weeds out of volleyball court. (Debby's photo)

Me in the kitchen. (Debby's photo)

Spreading sand on the beach. (Corinne's photo)

The kids worked very hard this week. They also cleaned bathrooms & the lodge. They did other projects too. Whatever needed done, we did! The kids impressed me with their work ethic! They worked so hard with minimal complaints. Way to go GEC youth!


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