Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Silver Lake

When I first met Hubby, his parents' owned a small cottage on Silver Lake in north central Indiana. They sold it a few years later. Today, we went there & walked down memory lane with Hubby.

We stopped at Jeff's Mom's cousin Ruth's house.
This is the beautiful view from her backyard.
Hubby & kids on Ruth's dock.
A closer view of the beautiful trees on the other side of the lake.
2 houses down from Ruth's is the cottage that was Jeff's parents. This is the lakeside view. It's been added on to. The screened in porch side of the cottage is new.
Another view of back of the cottage.
Love this pic of the lake with the clouds reflecting on it.
This is Hubby & Ruth.
This is our whole family with Ruth.
The front of the cottage.
Another front view of cottage.
In this pic, the flat roofline area is the added on part.
The people who bought the cottage from Jeff's parents then bought the lots across the street.

They tore down 3 houses & built a garage & some yard area.

We had a great time walking down memory lane with Hubby tonight.



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Ma said...

It looks so peaceful!