Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blessed by beauty!

I live in the city, yet I'm blessed by the beauty of God's Creation all around me!

My first Iris to bloom!

My snowball bush.

Close-up of the snowballs!

The first bloom on the rose bush I got from my Mamaw B's!

Peonies & Irises about to bloom!

Japanese Snowball bush.

Close-up of Japanese Snowball Bush.

Shamrock plant.

Bloom on Shamrock plant.

My back fence line with lots of flowers close to blooming!

Yellow iris ready to bloom!

Delicate buttercup.

Bird in my feeder.

Robin on my swing!

Duck in pond behind our house.

Goose near pond behind the house.

The moon!

If you look close, you can see the outline of the dark part of the moon & a star below!

Another pic of the moon! We spent 10 minutes outback last night gazing at the moon & stars!


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