Friday, June 10, 2011

What are you expecting?

This seems to be the question on my mind this week. Specifically, what am I expecting God to do in my life? Am I expecting Him to do anything? or am I just going through the motions. Am I looking for God to work in my life? Am I watching to see what message or blessing He has for me?

So many times, I get so entrenched in my daily life. Before I know it, I've dug a deep trench by trudging back & forth doing all that "needs" to be done. I don't look up, I don't look around. I just keep plugging away at life. When I finally do stop, I realize I've built walls around myself. Walls of housework, school routine, tv shows, kid raising, husband care-taking, yard work, church work, etc...

None of those things are bad, but they can become so routine that we get in a rut & all the joy is sucked out of everything. Before I know it I'm rushing to get everything done & taking no prisoners along the way. I become moody, irritable & withdrawn. I realize I'm not living, I'm just surviving.

What's the difference? Attitude!

I decided this week, after a blow-up at my kids, to be intentional about spending time in God's Word. The first day, my study asked if I was anticipating God working in & around me? I wasn't. I was only focused on what I had to do to get by. The last 3 days I have been starting my day in God's Word & praying for Him to open my eyes to what He is doing and to help me to expect Him to move!

I've seen God working! I've been more even keeled in my attitude. I've seen tenderness developing in my son that I would have missed before. I've seen God convicting my kids & softening their hearts. I've seen God answering prayers because I've been anticipating Him to answer!

Today, I'm going with a group of ladies from my church to "Deeper Still" with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer & Kay Arthur. I'm going expecting to hear from God! I'm excited to find out what message God has for me as I continue this walk with Him! I'm expecting Him to revolutionize my life & change me to be more like Christ!

So what are you expecting? Are you expecting God to work? Are you expecting God to bless you? Or are you just trudging through life trying to do it all on your own?

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