Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are you a generational thinker?

On Saturday of Deeper Still, Beth Moore talked about the fact that God is a generational thinker & we should be too. She taught out of 2 Timothy 1:1-14. She said
        1. God has a unique regard for generations,
        2. We are each in our generation on purpose (Acts 17), &
        3. Each generation is linked to the other two.

She talked about how there are 3 generations of faith at any one time.
      1. Lois generation - roughly age 61 & above - Lois means "Desired" or "Better"
      2. Eunice generation - roughly age 40 - 60 - Eunice means "Victorious" (It's weird to think I'm in this generation)
      3. Timothy generation - roughly age 39 & below - Timothy means "Honoring God"
She also talked about how we need all 3 generations & that all 3 generations need each other. Each generation has their unique challenges & need things from the other 2 generations.

Beth had 3 ladies, one from each generation, get up on stage & tell one of their challenges & what they need from each other. It made me stop & really think about those I'm around. Here is what I brought home from this talk.

To those in the Lois generation:
-Are you mentoring those below you? Are you sharing with those who are walking the same path you walked? Are you encouraging them? Are you seeing the good in the younger generations?

To those in the Eunice generation:
-Are you respecting those older than you? Are you seeing that they are a fountain of expertise & that they have walked where you are walking? Are you encouraging them?
-Are you mentoring those below you? Are you encouraging them? Are you seeing that they want to live godly lives? Are you seeing the good in them & not just expecting them to party & not amount to anything?

To those in the Timothy generation:
-Are you respecting those older than you? Are you seeking out mentors? Are you seeing that they are wise as they've walked your road before? Are you gleaning all you can from them?

Each generation of women are needed. We need to show respect for each other & get along! We need to stop trying to "Compete" with each other! Instead of back-biting & fighting one another, we need to love & encourage one another. It is hard. The world wants us to fight & despise each other. Let's let the world see we are different! What an amazing witness it would be if our churches were filled with women who lifted one another up, who really loved each other & encouraged one another.

As I look at my list of friends, I'm blessed with ones in all 3 generations. I've tried to encourage those friends, but I'm going to try & be more intentional about it now. I'm going to try & seek out those older than me to ask questions of. I'm going to seek out those who are a step ahead of me in life to watch & learn from. I'm going to continue to encourage those younger than me or those in the step behind me in life. I'm going to try to be more open to them so they can ask me questions & seek out opinions from me. Not because I know it all, but because I've already walked the road they are on. But most of all, I'm going to try to love those around me.

To all my friends & family, I love you all! Walk with me on this journey we called life! Reach out to me & I'll reach out to you! If I falter, pick me up. If I mess up, lovingly correct me! I'm better online than in person, so help me! And I'll help you! Together, in unity, we can make life better & we can be more like Christ!


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

This is something I struggle with because my mom wasn't your typical mom so I am always on the lookout for mentors. I just find it hard to ask someone, "Will you mentor me?" got any suggestions for that?

Lea said...

Gretchen, I find it hard to ask someone to mentor me too. Partly because I don't want to bother others & partly because I'm not sure how to ask. The way I learn from others right now is just observing & trying to strike up friendships with those older than me or in the stage of life ahead of me. It is definitely a struggle though.