Monday, June 24, 2013

Shooting Gallery

This afternoon, several men from church took time out of their busy schedules to educate the teens & their families on gun safety & set up a shooting gallery so we could shoot!

The men talking before we started.

David waiting! He was so anxious to shoot!

We had to wait a little while for everyone to show up.

Gabe smiling for the camera.

Mr. Young lecturing us on gun safety.

The man in the shorts is Mr. Buis who graciously let us come to his house to shoot.

Hannah shooting.

One of the guys shooting.

Stephanie shooting.

Another guy shooting. Notice that it is raining.

Gabe shooting.

David shooting.

Several of the guys shooting.

More of the guys shooting.

Hubby, Ryan & Antonio looking at the targets through the scope.

More shooting in the rain.

I tried to get a pic of everyone shooting at least once.

The rain was starting to let up.

Micah shooting.

Jessica & David watching the guys hangout on the hammock.

Jamie shooting.

A frog that Lexi, Jessica & Levi caught.

They are so proud of that little frog!

Miss Laura shooting.

Miss Mary shooting.

They younger kids & Jamie getting a turn on the hammock.

Justin, our fearless leader, getting at turn.

Mr. Mike shooting.

A wider view of the shooting area. Only a small group was allowed in the shooting gallery at a time.

Miss Laura shooting again.

More shooting.

Miss Laura was getting good at shooting.

Maxx & Antonio. Just a few seconds before this, they were wrestling.

Some of the men taking a turn before our break.

Jessica, Lexi & Levi watering the frog.

Mr. Hazard giving a great devotional comparing bullets to the words that come out of our mouths!

Waiting while the men reset the guns & set up targets that each shooter would get to take home.

We had a great audience for the shooting.

Round 2 begins.

Each shooter took 6 or more shots.

Then they got to get their targets. Here's David with his.

Jessica & her friend Lexi shooting. Jessica could never figure out how to look through the scope.

Debby shooting! Gotta love her stance!

Jessica got a turn at a gun with a sight. She figured that out quickly.

And she did awesome! Better than a lot of the teens!

Our time ended as the nasty clouds arrived. The radar looked bad but the storms ended up going on either side of us!



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Anonymous said...

Matt's devotional about how guns and bullets are like our tongue and our words was very appropriate. That analogy will stick with me. And I just wrote in my devotional journal about how the Lord heard our concerns about the heat at the start of the afternoon, and brought a gentle drizzle and clouds to moderate the temp, as well as a constant breeze to cool us off. What a gracious Lord to care so much about our comfort in our fellowshipping. Thanks again for the pics, and now I guess everyone knows I'm REALLY dangerous now. I not only have tongue and words, I am trained with guns and bullets! Laura