Sunday, June 23, 2013

Youth Sunday!

Today was Youth Sunday at our church. On Youth Sunday, our teens are in charge of the whole service. We only had one musician, Sam on piano so they had a little help.

But 5 of our youth made up the worship team, including Jamie!

The other youth & rest of our church family worshipping God together!

7 of our youth plus David & Jamison took up offering.

Ryan shared part of what he taught at SpringHill.

Maxx also shared what he taught at SpringHill.

Antonio was the last to share what he taught at SpringHill.

Then Justin, our fearless leader who we are going to miss, spoke!

One of our lovely ladies got up to tell about how our teens came to visit & pray with her.

Then it was drama time. The group did a human drama to the song "Show Me Your Glory" by Jesus Culture. They have been working on this since February & did an awesome job! Here is Pharaoh on his throne.

The Israelites rejoicing when they were freed.

Moses getting ready to part the Red Sea.

Jesus healing the blind man.

Jesus bringing Jarius' daughter back to life.

Jesus healing the woman who touched His cloak.

Jesus being arrested.

Jesus being beat by the Roman soldiers.

The crowd jeering as Jesus being taken to the cross.

Jesus on the cross.

Jesus died.

The crowd rejoicing at Jesus' death while Mary cries.

The first day Jesus is in tomb.

The second day Jesus was in the tomb.

The third day Jesus is in the tomb.

The tomb being opened.

Jesus has risen!

Rejoicing that Jesus is alive!!

The teens did an awesome job. They let God's glory shine through them today! I'm so proud of them all!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these pics, Lea! What a journalistic gift. I'm sure a few of them will be snagged. Can't wait to see the others. Laura