Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Spring Fun!

We went to my parents' house tonight. and the kids had a lot of fun! Jessica had so much fun driving Papaw's lawn tractor!

David decided he wanted a turn at driving the tractor too! I think Papaw is going to have help mowing this summer!

Jamie didn't drive the tractor but I did get a couple pictures of her outside.

On the left is one of Dad's Rhubarb plants. On the right is one of mom's plants. We think it's a pussy willow but we aren't certain.

Here are some of mom's flowers. I can't believe her tulips are blooming. already.

I love her daffodils too!

The hyacinths smelled so good!
More Daffodils!

  I also took some pictures of mom's cats. As you can see, Jessica loves them!

On the left is her big tom cat. He was napping. On the right is one of the momma cats.

 These 2 loved posing for me!

 The calico on the left & gray one one the right are 2 of my favorites.

The 2 below were hoping dad would feed them.

 I'll leave you with pics of the beautiful sunset God blessed us with tonight!

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