Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Lost" Friends

No, I didn't lose any friends. Instead, this post is about friends I made because of the tv show "Lost".

When Hubby & I started watching Lost, he started listening to podcasts about Lost. One of the podcasts was "The Weekly Lost Podcast" by Cliff & Stephanie Ravenscraft. They would record live at & we started listening & chatting. Eventually we even met up with them near Cincy. At one of the meetups, we met Anne from Germany.

Anne is one of the sweetest young ladies I've ever met. We've met her in person twice. Even though I'm old enough to almost be her mom, I count her as a dear friend. I've been able to encourage her & pray for her as she walks through the toughest struggle of her young life as she fights Anorexia. You can read of her struggles in her blog, Intercontinental Life, were she is very transparent about her fight! I truly love this young lady & know she will triumph over this! I'm so thankful for "Lost" because without it, I would never have met Anne & had the privilege of being her friend & being blessed by her. Even in the midst of her struggles, she prays for me & encourages me!

My other online friend I met after listening to another podcast by Stephanie Ravenscraft called "The Fulltime Mom". Her name is Ann also. I've never met Ann in person, but hope to someday. Ann & I are so much alike. I'm so thankful that God brought us together! We have been able to pray for each other, encourage each other & be sounding boards for each other. I think because we do live away from each other, we can talk frankly about things going on in our lives & give each other godly guidance. She is a dear friend, even though we have never met.

I'm so thankful that God used "Lost" to give me 2 of my dearest friends. It amazes me that God uses some of strangest things to bring about some of the best friendships in life. Anne & Ann, I love you both dearly! I thank God for you every day!


Ann Moore said...

God is certainly amazing! I am so thankful that we have been brought together! I was just telling my husband about this EXACT SAME THING -- JUST TONIGHT!! How interesting!

Love ya lady!

Lea said...

I love it that we think alike!
Love ya!