Friday, April 22, 2011

I Know A Man

Just wanted to share a poem I wrote in 1986 for Word of Life Teens Involved creative writing. Can't believe that was 25 years ago. Enjoy!

I Know A Man

I know a man
who cares for me,
He lives in Heaven
and can calm the sea.

I know a man
who cares for you,
He can live inside
your heart, that is true

I know a man
that I want you to meet,
I'll tell you all about Him
if you come to sit at my feet.

This man was born
in a lowly stable,
Born to die
and make Heaven more than a fable.

He prayed to God
and preached the Word.
Miracles He performed
to bring glory to the Lord.

He did no wrong
or evil, ever,
But still they blamed Him
for wrong deeds, they were so clever.

Then one day
they crucified Him,
They hung Him on a cross
and left Him to die on that limb.

This man suffered pain
and His blood was shed,
For our sins
He died and bled.

Then they took Him down
and placed Him in a tomb,
Soldiers guarded Him
so no one would steal Him in the gloom.

Three days He was there
with soldiers at the door,
Mary went to see Him
and knelt upon the floor.

But then a miracle took place,
an angel of God rolled back the rock,
And this man came out
and began to gather His flock.

For forty days
He preached again,
He trained His men
to preach against sin.

Now He is in Heaven
a place for you and me He went to prepare,
So that one great day
we could meet Him there.

You can meet Him too
in only you believe.
All there is to do
is to ask and receive.

He lives in my heart
oh, I'm so glad,
When you reject Him
it makes Him so sad.

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