Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Week almost over!

Well, tomorrow evening hubby will be home. The first week is almost over. It seems to have gone pretty good. The kids are missing daddy, but seem to be handling him being gone ok. I'm missing hubby but am coping ok. It's kind of strange in that this just seems normal. Maybe it's because this is just the first week & it's a short week. I hope all week are as easy as this. I start my days in prayer & Bible study & then we do school work with maybe a morning snack. Then we have lunch & then finish any schoolwork we didn't get done yet. Then it's free time for the kids. I catch up on email & then work on housework. Then it's supper time & then clean up time. Then snack & bedtime. I've been reading to the kids after prayers & read until the youngest 2 fall asleep (usually 15-20 minutes).

Oh & we usually talk to daddy 3-4 times a day with one or more of those times being via Skype. So it's not like we have to go without hearing or seeing daddy. I think that makes it easier.

Well, that's my life for now. God is good & continues to carry me through this.

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