Tuesday, August 5, 2008

challenge - 100-fold harvest.

I went to Beth Moore's Living Proof live event this past weekend. Wow, was I challenged! Beth taught on Luke 8:1-15, the parable of the sower.

Did you know that we have been really blessed by God & that we are women of substance, not wimps, not superficial! Our life is to be lived out in relationship to God! through the study of HIS WORD! we've been called to live in the blessings of God! God's Word can yield a 100-fold harvest in our lives if we let it have maximum impact in our lives. How? Beth challenged us with 7 phrases to help us begin to let God work in us.

1. Treasure the wonder - we need to be in total awe of God & His Word. I have to confess that I fail to really treasure God. I become complacent & fail to fully comprehend that God, the creator of the universe, the Savior of the world gave me life just by speaking. He gives (breathes) life into me through His Word & there for I am competently competent to do anything He gives me to do! (2 Timothy 3:15-17)

2. Protect your heart - we have to protect it from the devil. He is real & wants to make sure we are ill-equipped to do what we were called to do. (Luke 8:12). I have to stand up to satan & tell him "My God spoke to me & it is not up for grabs!" What God gives me from the Word is mine & I can not let satan defeat me or convince me that God didn't really talk to me & that God won't be with me.

3. Expect the Test - we will be tested to see if we really believe it. God has told me that this change in front of my family is where He wants us...now, it is up to me to really believe it & to stand on God's Word when the doubts fly in & things get hard. (I Cor 10:13). God tests us to make us stand & Satan tempts us to make us fall!

4. Dig the Roots - by digging into the Word! Our roots are as deep as how much I'm convinced My Savior loves me! Wow - I'm so convicted by this. Am I really convinced my Savior loves me? Sometimes, I don't think I am...if I was, would I struggle with the next point?

5. Stop the Choke - anxiety chokes the Word right out of us! Here is where I struggle! I need to apply what Beth has said! The curative for anxiety is Prayer, prayer of the authority of God over what we are anxious about (Philippians 4:6). Anxiety really shows that we aren't bowed down to Christ! When I am anxious I am showing that I really don't believe God is the true authority over all. Ouch!

6.Retain the Word - I am so bad at this...Lord, help me to be in your Word & to meditate on it.

7. Press forth to your 100-fold Harvest - We need to persevere. Harvest is not in the instantaneous. We are to press forth & finish till the end!

The other things I was shown over the weekend was this - What I am going through & what God is bringing me through in NOT about me! It's about strengthening me & using me to minister to those around me & to show what God can do in you! It's time I came to the end of myself...I'm useless, I'm really pretty pathetic. BUT if I yield this pitiful life to God, He will strengthen me & He will use me to shine His Glory to others. If, through the hard time of being away from hubby & being a single parent during the week , God shines through me & others see Him in me then it is worth it all! God, help me to persevere in prayer, in faith, in Your vision through all the discouragement, chaos & trials! Help me to not live in hysteria & chaos, but in Freedom & Victory!!

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