Friday, April 11, 2008

Birthday Madness

April is crazy! D-dog & Princess both have birthdays in April. D-dog is now 5 & Princess will be 8 on Tuesday. So, tomorrow is their combined birthday party. Fortunately this year, Easter was early so it a little less hectic! Tomorrow or Sunday I will update with photos of the party.

The last few days have been crazy. DH is working afternoon/evenings so that throws our schedule off. Then the weather has been so nice the kids don't want to do school work! Plus I'm in the mist of cleaning for the party. It's not like it's a big party. It's just my parents, my in-laws, my bro & sil & then my friend Elaine. Still, my kitchen is a mess. It's amazing how much stuff just gets brought home & left on the island, table & deep freeze. It doesn't help much that DH & I are pack rats. It is amazing how much stuff we have stuck in boxes around the house that we haven't touched in years! Plus we have all our homeschool stuff. It is amazing how much stuff we do have. So many wonderful friends have given us stuff to use in the future for school.

You know, I'm sitting her posting when I should be putting laundry away or cleaning the kitchen or running to the store to get cake supplies! I need to back the kids' cake this afternoon so I can decorate it either this evening or in the morning. I am actually enjoying sitting here. Princess is downstairs doing math with DH, D-Dog is in our room playing Lego Star Wars & Little Princess is downstairs watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Since everyone is occupied with something, that means this is a perfect opportunity for me to run to the store. So off I go & you all have a wonderful day!

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