Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bird in the house!

Last night, our friend Elaine was over. She is getting ready to leave & as we open the front door, a bird flies in the house. The 3 of us (Elaine, Hubby & I) proceed to try & get this bird out of the house. She is scared & flying in all directions. Every time she flies toward one of us, we jump. (Note that during all this commotion, our youngest is sound asleep on the couch & the older 2 are upstairs absorbed in Lego StarWars on the GameCube!) She flies into the kitchen & we follow her. Now we can't see her. Then we spot her on my fake plant on top of the upper cabinets. Hubby throws a towel at the plant & she flies up & over toward the open back door & then back to the counter top. Every time she flies toward the living room, I wave a Purdue blanket to encourage her toward the back door. After about 10 minutes of this, we finally get her out the back door. If I had been thinking, I would have grabbed the video camera. It would have made a great entry for America's Funniest Videos!

After we all calm down & Elaine decides to leave again, we cautiously open the front door. That's when I realize my real wreath from Christmas is still on the door. So I pull it off & throw it in my flower bed. This morning I realized the bird had had a nest on top of the wreath. No wonder she flew into the house, we had startled her from her home!

Lesson learned, unless you want a bird flying into your house from her nest on the door, take your wreath down before spring arrives!!

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