Friday, September 28, 2012

Week of 9/22/12

Our week in pictures! As you can see, we are enjoying our time in Tawas City, MI.

We tried to fly kites.

Look at those clouds.

The wind kept dying & changing directions.

You could get the kites to fly low but it was rare to go high.

So we gave up on flying kites.

David stacking logs to build a fire.

Jess had tripped on the slide & was between a laugh & a cry.

The Trumpeteer Swans came back.

One of the rare days when the lake was calm.

Rainbow after the storm. I posted about this earlier.

Playing together.

Jamie trying to decide if her kite will fly this time.

So far, so good.

This time she actually got it in the air!

David's favorite place to play is at the end of one of the docks.

Jessica flying kites with a friend that was here for a few days.

Beautiful sky at sunset.

Kids on beach at night.

Beautiful moon!

Playing on the beach.

Gathering seaweed.

Just walking.

Just laying & looking at the sand crystals.

Not sure what she was up to.

The moon reflecting on the water. I can never capture the full beauty of this.

The moon!

I have loved watching this beautiful tree change colors.

Jess with her Lalaloopsy Doll.

Jamie with her Lalaloopsy Doll.

Both girls. Jamie drew the pictures & they each colored their own.

David excited because the eagle was back.

Not sure who will win this fight.

To our surprise, I captured a 2nd eagle landing.

What a blessing to see 2 eagles together like this!

Watching the eagles.

David was fascinated with the seaweed.

Notice that David has seaweed tied on his legs, arms & head!

We are enjoying the time here in Tawas City. This is our last weekend here so expect lots of pics!


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Ma said...

The moon over the water shot is awesome.