Monday, September 17, 2012

The River Queen & family time!

On Sunday, we spent the day having some family fun.

At noon, we went on a 2 hour cruise on the AuSable River Queen. The captain educated us about the river & told us jokes. When he wasn't, a musician entertained us with folk music.

Here are some Trumpeter Swans that make their home on the AuSable River.

On the top deck of the boat.

Jessica nervously waiting for the boat to take off. This was her first boat ride.

Jamie waiting for the boat ride to start.

David taking pictures with his iPod.

Foote Dam on the AuSable River.

After the boat got on its way, we moved down to the lower deck.

Jamie enjoying the scenery.

A neat little area on the river.

Jessica enjoying the ride.

Hubby got the kids a drink & snack on the boat.

One of the beautiful views.

This is called Picnic Point & is only accessible by boat.

David enjoying his sucker.


Jess & Daddy.

Another beautiful view of the river.

I love this pic!

Jessica got to drive the boat.

David got to drive the boat.

We couldn't get Jamie to drive it.

David not watching where he is driving & neither is the real captain in the white shirt!

Hubby & I on the boat.

One of the few houses along the river as most of the shoreline is government owned. This one is owned by an engineer who built a little cable car system to get from his house to the dock!

Some of the trees along the river that were starting to change colors.

After the boat ride, which we returned from since it was only a 2 hour cruise not 3, we went to the Bear Store.

This place was supposed to have lots of wild animals including a bear. It was really kind of sad because the pens were not well kept & they only had a small number of animals. We could not find the bear.

We stopped again at the Lumbermen's Monument.

The kids love playing on the log jam.

Here's the actual monument.

Beautiful view of the river.

You can see the leaves starting to change color.

Another river view.

I loved this bright yellow wildflower.

Leaves turning red!

This is the part of Huron National Forest. The trees are in straight rows because they were planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps after a fire wiped out the whole area & the towns of AuSable & Oscoda in 1911.

Back at the cabin, the kids played on the beach while Hubby grilled burgers, dogs & pork.

David pretending he's fighting someone.

Jessica on the beach.

Jess & David playing together.

Hubby waiting on burgers to cook.

A rare pic of me. Excuse my hair because I desperately need it cut!

Isn't Lake Huron beautiful?!

I just love this picture of David.

We had a fun-filled day. I am truly blessed to be able to spend time with Hubby. We are truly blessed to be able to take our schooling on the road & be together as a family while Hubby travels for work.


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Ma said...

What great fun. You guys are very blessed:)