Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cumberland Riverwalk & Patti's visits

Clarksville has a beautiful river running through it, the Cumberland River. We went to the Riverwalk today. We ate at Wendy's next to the riverwalk. We also let the kids play on the playground.
 I always knew they were monkeys!
Even Jamie was playing. 
 They all liked this climbing tower. Although Jamie never would climb it.
 Enjoying their drinks from Wendy's.
 This was a neat little exhibit.
 The girls learning about the founding of Clarksville.
 Jessica & Daddy on the river walk.
 This is a riverside theater. 
 After spending the day in downtown Clarksville, we drove 1 1/2 hours to Patti's 1880s Settlement & restaurant. This was highly recommended to us.
 I usually don't take pictures of bathrooms but we were the only ones in there. Behind each of these doors is a bathroom stall.
 Another bathroom picture. Jessica thought this was so neat.
Sitting at our table waiting to order. 
 The kids loved the flower pot bread. David loved the house specialty - Strawberry butter.
 Our drinks were served in Mason jars!
This was my meal! It was their specialty, a 2 inch pork chop. It was delicious!! Well worth the 3 hour round trip to get it. 

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Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I love that the drinks were served in mason jars! Now I am hungry.