Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve weekend

We started our New Year's Eve on December 30th.
Here's Jamie & Ally with Mason.

Here's Maria, Jeff, Josh & my Jeff.

Here's rest of the gang: Tony, Alex, David, Michael, Monica (behind Jamie), Jamie & Mason.

Isn't Mason a cutie?!

Jamie, Jessica & Ally took a time out from the festivities to have a tea party.

It wouldn't be a party with Michael if we weren't counting change! ;-)

Mason didn't get to eat pizza with us but I think he enjoyed his babyfood more!

We spent some of our evening with my wonderful Hubby demoing different iPhone apps.

Ally & David are spending time with Showy on New Year's Eve.

We played RockBand 3! I got 100% singing Crazy Train. Jessica helped me sing.

Waiting for the countdown to 2012! Jamie, Ally, Josh, Showy, Tony & David with Jessica on the floor.

Welcome 2012!!

An early morning speedy clean up before bed.

Girls are speedily picking up too.

Jamie on the other hand was in slow motion!

The last pic of the weekend. On Jan 1, 2012 at Burger King.


We had an awesome weekend & always enjoy playing host to the Showalter's & the McNeil's!


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