Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trip to Tennessee - 1/22 to 2/4

Thought I'd post some pictures that I took during the 2 weeks that didn't make it into my other blog posts. So here goes! Enjoy!

 David jumping in the pool.

David in the pool. 

Jessica & Jamie in the pool. 

Jamie jumping into the pool.

 Jessica jumping into the pool.

Hubby, Jamie, Jessica & a little of David in the mirror in the van.

Kids at Fort Donelson. 
Pond somewhere in TN. Love the reflection in the water!!

 Sunset in the side-view mirror of the van.

 Jessica, David & Jamie at Fort Defiance in downtown Clarksville, TN.

Jessica at the park at the Cumberland Riverwalk in downtown Clarksville, TN.

 David at the park

 Jamie at the park

Jamie, David & Jessica are on a little pedestrian bridge between the park & Wendy's.

 Reflection of the sun on the Cumberland River.

Sunset one night in Tennessee.

 David looks like he's walking on water!

 Jessica trying to do a cannonball but her hands slipped.

 Jamie hanging by the pool. Her ears were already hurting by this time.

We returned to Fort Donelson on Friday before we left. This time I let them bring their stuffed animals.

At Fort Donelson on the river.

 The Eagle was back! Isn't he majestic! He flew away while I was there but I didn't get a good video. Maybe I will next week when we go.

 This is a stage area behind the Fort Donelson Visitor center. They hung out here for a good 30 minutes.

This elephant is in front of a little store out in the country as you leave Clarksville & head north towards Indy. There is also a giant cow less than a mile before this but I didn't have my camera ready.

Hope you enjoyed a few more pictures of our trip.

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