Monday, June 7, 2010

What if I really had the Joy of the Lord?

This past Sunday, we had the Mwangaza Children's Choir ( at our church. Watching these children dance & sing for the Lord really made me stop & think!  "What if I really had the Joy of the Lord in my life?" What if I woke up eager to tell others about my Savior? What if I was always ready to sing & dance to the Lord?

Sadly, most of the time I don't. Many days I spend my time selfishly thinking of me & my own problems. Many days I just plod through my day with no joy, no worship, just sadness & apathy. I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't live out my faith. I don't put my Savior first. Why? Partly because I get caught up in the world & all that living here in America offers. Partly because I'm selfish & I think of myself & what I can do or what I have or don't have. Partly because I don't truly trust my Savior for life! I don't ask Him to fill me with His Joy. I don't let Him! I let the worthless concerns of everyday life drag me down. I let the pain overwhelm me. I let the frustration get to me. I DON'T filter life through God's Grace! I don't see this world & my life through God's Eyes!

What would my life look like if everyday I woke up & said "My Savior died for me! Oh what Grace!", "My Savior takes care of me. He guides me & shepherds me" & "Do you know my Savior?" What if I woke up everyday & really praised God for my life, my family, my salvation? What if I strived every day to put God first & truly Worship Him? What if I spent more time with God? What if I memorized more of His Word?  What if I really loved Him the way He loves me?

I can't comprehend how my life would change... But will I do these things? or will I let the apathy & cares of this world pull me down?

Lord, Change me! Fill me with Your Joy! Let me be a Shining Light for You! Shine in me! Change me, because I can't change myself!

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