Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day!

When I think of a Father, I obviously think of my dad! He isn't perfect because none of us are, but in my opinion, he's pretty close! I'm so thankful that God allowed me to be born to him! My dad loves God, loves my mom & loves my brother & me! He also now loves my hubby & my kids.

Here are some of the things I love about my dad:

1. He loves the Lord!! And that Love shines throughout his life.  My dad loves to read the Bible, sing about God & tell others about what God has done for him and can do for them. Without my dad, I wouldn't have learned about Jesus & trusted HIM as my Savior!

2. He loves my mom! I remember when I was growing up, seeing my parents holding hands or kissing. They love being together. I used to think it strange when a lot of other adult couples I knew, didn't seem to want to be together. My dad always made sure that we respected my mom.

3. He loves others! My dad loves to help others. A fond memory of mine is when I went with my dad to deliver food to a co-worker of dad's who was going through a rough time. We took sacks of food & milk and placed it on their front porch. Then we knocked on the door & ran. From down the block, we watched them open the door to find the food. It was such a cool memory! Dad has a large garden that he grows lots of veggies in. Then he just gives them away. He keeps much of his friends & family in zucchini, tomatoes, corn & potatoes as well as other veggies.

4. He loves missionaries! My dad was mission Treasure at our church when I was growing up & we had lots of different missionaries stay with us over the years. I got to firsthand hear about some of the miracles God has worked on the mission field! Now my dad (& Mom) support lots of missionaries. And my dad has gotten to serve as a missionary. He has went to Africa, Brazil & other countries as well as serving here in America. He uses his telephone splicing & repair skills to put phones in mission hospitals, schools, churches & camps!

So these are just a few things I love about my dad!

I love you Dad! I'm so thankful that God made you my dad! Thank you for being my dad!!
Love, your daughter!

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