Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Rant

Yesterday day was Memorial Day. It's a day to remember those who died in War. It's a tradition started after the Civil War and continued to this day. I'm so thankful for all the soldiers who have fought to keep our country free for everyone!

War is not nice, it's not pretty, it's not something we want to see happen. BUT it does happen in this fallen world because people are sinful & full of pride! When someone wants to take power & use it for their own elevation & domination, then wars happen. I'm thankful for the men & women who have heard the call for people to stop injustice and to preserve freedom! When they make that choice, they give their all! Their heart, their souls & many times their lives. For that, we remember & honor them.

I'm proud to have a long heritage of brave patriots in my family. Many of my relatives fought in the civil war to help bring freedom to ALL in America! I know some fought in WWI & WWII & Korea. I'm so proud of my dad who went to Vietnam as a newlywed. I'm so thankful for the chaplain who led him to the Lord & set him on the right path. I'm so thankful to God for protecting my dad and bringing him home as many didn't come home!

No matter the reason for the war, when our country called, brave men & women have stood up & said yes! I'm thankful for them all! I'm also thankful for those soldiers who have served during peacetime. Thanks to our strong military, many wars have been avoided in the past! Our soldiers have given their time, their strength, their lives to protect those of us who appreciate them & even for those who "hate" them. Without our soldiers, those in our country & many of those in our world would not be free & would not be able to say & do the things they want. Many of our soldiers died so people could have the right to say they hate our soldiers, they hate our freedom, they hate our American way of life! I just can't comprehend how people in this world can not see that if it wasn't for the American Soldier fighting bad guys, much of the world would be imprisoned or slaves! And even in war, Americans are compassionate. Every city we've ever fought in or bombed, we have rebuilt!! No other country in the world does that!!! And many times, the rebuilding process has cost more soldiers their lives!!!!

So, to those who have served or are serving in the greatest military in the world, I humbly thank you!! Without you, I would not be free to say what I want, do what I want & worship God in freedom! For those of you who knock the American soldier & the American way of life, PLEASE look at history & realize you wouldn't be free to knock us if it wasn't for us fighting so you could have the freedom to do so!! I love America! I'm proud to say I'm an American! We aren't perfect, but we believe in Freedom! Do you??