Monday, July 1, 2013

Youth cookout at the Monfreda's

I've mentioned before that Justin is stepping down as youth leader as he & his family are going to Uganda next year. The Monfreda's are going to be interim youth group head leaders until we find a new youth leader. So tonight we had a cookout at their house. It was a lot of fun!

Hubby watching Mr Mike grill burgers!
Everyone hanging out.
Jessica getting ready to eat a raw hot dog.
Fred & Gabe, our worship pastor.
Hanging out talking!
More talking!
Good conversations
Waiting to eat!
Waiting to eat!
Waiting to eat!
The line is starting to shrink!
Well, maybe not!
The concentrated lemon extract challenge!
2nd victim!
Chasing lemon w/water!
Justin taking the challenge!

Several others took the challenge but I didn't get good pics!

More great conversations!
Ryan getting ready to tackle David!
Incoming ball!
More conversations!
One of 5 bins of mashed potatoes.
Ryan, don't you dare!
Getting their war faces on!
Getting armed!
Already covered in taters & war hasn't started!
Let the fun begin!
David (in back) took a face shot!
Not sure if Jess was laughing or crying!
Surprise attack on Justin!
Maxx, what are you doing?
Nothing, just picking up this water bucket.
Oh no! You didn't just soak me!
This game is on!!
Come join the fun!
I'm covered mom
They got me in the face
Even the girls got into the game!
Not sure who had more fun, kids or adults!
Even Pastor Bryan to in on the fun!
Mike! Don't you dare hug me!
Really! No hugs!
Never ever turn your back on the action!
Or you will get attacked again!
Sorry, I have to watch for sneak attacks!
Christian, watch out! Grace is gonna get you!
Time to get the hose out!
Nope, it's still war time!
Ryan! Don't turn that hose on Kari!
Group pic!
Justin handing group off to Mike!
This was fun!
Our youngest warrior!
One last group pic!
Time to fight again!
Ryan getting Mike!
Father & son warriors!
Silly Lilly!
Look at me Mom!
Am I clean?
Uh, no!
Get rinsed off!
Mom, this is awesome!!!!!!
I think girls enjoyed this as much as the guys!
Eww! Mashed potato hair!
Waiting to be rinsed down!
Not everyone was ready to quit!
Madison getting Ryan back!
Grace was covered!
Mikey jut got Nora!
This is fun!
Oh Nora!
Watch out Mike!
Starting to get clean!
Ryan getting ready to attack Mikey!
Mikey pursuing Ryan!
Mikey getting Ryan!
The victor!
Please spray us down!
We are never getting clean!
The water is cold!
Mashed potato hair conditioner.
What a messy group!
There's still potatoes in our hair!
What? I have a little something on me?
Don't rinse me off!
Jessica was trying to get rinsed off.
Payback with the hose!
Love the hair style Austin!
Looking good Lilly!
Do I have potatoes in my ear?
Gotta get my face clean!
My shoes are dirty!
Finally getting clean!
Nope, still not clean!
No Justin, don't hug me!
Watch out Justin!
Because Kool-aid goes great with potatoes!
You got a little something on your face!
Really guys??
Please don't hurt me?
You caught me red handed!
Yup! I helped too!
I'm gonna get them!
Do you think this will ever come out?
All clean & waiting for fireworks!
Aren't they cute?!
The boys are guarding the stash!
We got this for Justin!
This looks dangerous!
Zach, don't light those!
Mikey, I will be careful, I promise!
Sadie finally getting a hot dog!
I'm a Kool-aid zombie!
Holding fireworks.
This can't be dangerous!
Uh, maybe it is a little dangerous!
Let's light this baby!
The Frog Princess!
This is cool!
A bored audience between fireworks.
Conversations are better than watching.
We had a great time at Mike & Mary's! I think it will be something the kids will want to repeat every year!! According to reports, it took an average of 3 shampoos to get all the potatoes out of hair! I think Mary will be cleaning potatoes out of her house for weeks!
Glad you stuck around & looked at all my pics!

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very nice pics and narration, Lea. Hope everyone knows how to snag their favorites! Laura