Sunday, July 21, 2013

Visiting Family!

On Friday, after our beach fun, we headed down the coast some more. We went to Hubby's cousin Alan's.

Here, Allee & Jessica are playing with blocks.

Jamie is on far left. Autumn is standing. Next to Jamie is their friend Jessica. Alexis is in the leather chair. Jessica is on the floor.

Jessica, Alan & Allee.

Jamie, Autumn, Jessica & Alexis.

Jessica & Autumn.

Hubby & Alan.

David, Hubby (Jeff), Jessica, Jamie, Alan, Allee & Autumn. Alexis is not pictured.

Saying goodbye.

Hubby (Jeff) & Alan were talking so Allee & Autumn decide to climb in the van.

We had a great visit. The girls wanted us to stay or take them with us. Before we left, all 3 girls gave me hugs for Grandma & the Aunts!

We are definitely going to have to get together with them again. We hadn't seen them in about 5 years! Hopefully it won't be another 5!


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