Thursday, April 12, 2012


Every Easter, we go to my Aunt Pat's after church. We eat yummy food & the kids have an Easter Egg Hunt. Although they only get a few eggs. They get bags of candy & toys.


Papaw & Jessica hunting!

Adult family members watching.

More hunting!

Jamie hunting.

More family watching the hunt.

David's basket overloaded.

I think they finally found everything.

Jessica kept putting her Easter bucket on Aunt Sue's head.

Jessica wearing Mamaw's sunglasses & trying to steal Papaw's hat.

One of the things the kids got in the hunt was kites. It was a perfect day for flying them.

We went back to Mom & Dad's. The kids had a blast throwing helicopters in the air!

Here they are trying to gather as many as they can to throw.

I just had to share a pic of Dad's flowers as they are beautiful.


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