Saturday, April 28, 2012

Apologetix concert

Yesterday, we took the kids to their first concert. It was at The Gear in Franklin. We went to see Apologetix, a Christian parody band. The kids had a blast & we enjoyed it too.

The outside of The Gear. It's a cool little venue.

The band during their 1st song. There was room in front of the chairs for people to dance.

Another pic of the band.

Jess & David are in the front of me dancing.

David & Jamie are in white shirts to the right.

David & Jessica sitting on the right side of stage.

J. Jackson, the lead singer signing David's shirt.

Tom Tincha, guitarist, giving kids picks & signing shirts.

Todd Waites, keyboardist, signing Jamie's shirt.

A part of the drum set fell behind the stage. They needed someone with skinny arms to help get it. David eagerly volunteered. The girls gave him a cd for saving the day!

Keith Haynie, the bass player, signing our shirts for Jeff.

Jimmy "Vegas" Tanner, drummer, getting ready to sign our shirts.

It was a great concert. J. Jackson gave one of the best invitations/gospel presentations I've ever heard. The kids enjoyed dancing & praising God.

You can check out the band at

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