Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Updates & Thoughts

Life has been a little crazy lately so I haven't posted much. The weather here has been beautiful! All my flowers are in bloom.

The kids have been rushing to get their school work done so they can get outside. We've been able to take walks almost every day.

It's amazing to think this is the middle of March. We should be having snow & cold weather. Instead we've had 80 degree days & tons of sunshine. I even think my yard needs mowed. I don't think I'm ready for that yet!


In other news, I've been having a bunch of weird symptoms going on lately. Monday I went to the doctor. He's being thorough & running a bunch of blood test. I'm also having a brain MRI on Friday.

Hubby also went to the doctor on Monday. He's now on meds to control his blood sugar. We are in process of changing the way we eat. We will be watching carbs & sugar. Limiting bread & pasta will be the hardest for me.

We just bought our 1st grass-fed cow & pig. Well, we got 1/4 of each. Having good meat will help us eat better. I love having a freezer full of meat & veggies from Dad's garden.

We are getting ready to head to Tennessee with Hubby next week. That may be Hubby's last week in TN. His next location is here in Indiana! He'll still be a few hours away but so glad he'll be in-state!

While in Tennessee we will be hitting 3 civil war battlefields plus seeing some more reenactments. This has made studying the Civil War come to life for us! While we wouldn't have picked for Hubby to have to be away from home all the time, his job has given us the opportunity to see & do things we otherwise would not have gotten to do.

Not much else going on. We have a busy month coming up. April is full of birthdays, Easter & homeschool convention. So if I don't blog much, you'll know why.

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