Friday, March 2, 2012

Henryville, IN

Driving home from Dover, TN today (3/2/12) was quite an experience. We had tornadoes to the north of us as we traveled east across Kentucky. Then when we headed north on I-65 a tornado crossed behind us near Shepherdsville, KY. Then another one crossed I-65 ahead of us in Henryville, IN. We waited in slow traffic on I-65 for about 45 minutes before we reached Henryville. Here is what we saw.
 This is a roadside billboard.
 Another Roadside Billboard.

 Twisted trees
 I think this was some kind of shed or barn.

 Not sure what this was. But note the bent & broken lights.

 Twisted & broke trees in a field plus debris.

 A house that is badly damaged but still standing.

 Damaged trees.

 An uprooted tree

 Twisted trees full of debris.

 More tree damage.

 Debris & a totally damaged car. I just pray the people who were in it are not badly hurt.

 A light pole on the ground, Sign missing & other devastation at top of off-ramp.

 Uprooted tree.

 Debris on overpass. Also note the bent sign.

 Another damaged vehicle.

 Debris in median & wrecked semi. Southbound traffic is slowly moving through.

 Median Debris

 Wrecked Semi

 Business & vehicles totally wrecked near the interstate.

 Houses with lots of holes in them!

More damaged houses.

My heart goes out to the people of Henryville. We only saw a small part of the devastation.  I pray for the safety of all the emergency workers, many of which we saw speeding south to help. We were very blessed to have just missed being in the tornado. Please pray for all those affected in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee & Ohio by these deadly storms. 

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