Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Last week I asked my Twitter & Facebook friends to pray for Hubby & I as we made a big decision. I couldn't say anything more about it until now.

Out of the blue Jeff got called for an interview. He gets these from time to time but usually they don't amount to anything. After interviewing on Tuesday last week over the phone, he received a call a few hours later offering him a job.

All week we have been in a cycle of waiting as the new & old jobs went back & forth with offers & counter-offers. After lots of prayer, Hubby took the new job & resigned from his current one. The new job is very similar to the old one. He will still be traveling a lot doing training, but the pay is a big increase.

One of the things we have been praying about is getting out of debt. When we were younger, we made bad decisions on spending money. We've been trying to rectify it, but it's been very hard. We are so excited that God has provided this new job so that we will be able to finally get out of debt & be able to more freely give & help those in need. Also, we look forward to getting out of debt so that Hubby can take a lower paying, non-traveling job in a few years. 

I'd like to thank you all for your prayers for us this week. They are deeply appreciated.


ShowFam5 said...

AWESOME news!!!!!! So glad to hear it! God is so good!

Nita Butler said...

So glad for you both Lea! More money coming in is always good. The Lord know what we need and provides!
Love you!