Monday, February 21, 2011

Love Affair!

I'm finding that I've been having a love affair! Well, I've always had one with my hubby, but that's not what I'm talking about. I have a love affair with food! This is not a good thing!

I like to eat! I like the way food tastes. I love sitting around the table with family & eating. This is a big problem. I eat things that taste yummy! Once I start eating, I keep eating. Food has a grip on me. Even when I know that overeating will leave me feeling horrible, I still do it.

I've done better since the beginning of the year. BUT I still struggle. It's a constant fight. Why does eating taste so good? Why does it make me feel so good (at least at first). I'm coming to the realization that if I set my mind to staying within my calories, I can do it. But when I let my guard down, I over-indulge! I wish it wasn't a struggle. I wish I could just say "I'm not going to overeat. I'm going to get skinny." and *poof* it works. But it isn't that way. So I have to just keep pushing through & keep my guard up. It's going to take dedication, devotion & lots of prayer to stay dedicated to eating better & losing weight! I'd appreciate any prayers you all could say for me! I also appreciate all of you who have encouraged me as I exercise & work on this life change. Thank you!!

So, I'm going to try & end my love affair with food! BUT I'll never end my love affair with my hubby! ;-)

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