Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, we haven't had very many people over to our house. It's not that we don't like having people over. We have friends over for New Year's Eve every year & we have a great time. We always talk about having more people over. But either we are busy, hubby is traveling or we just figure other people are busy & won't want to come over. Anyway, 2 things have come up in which we are opening our home up.

On Saturday, the kids (& their families) who have said the Beatitudes during Sunday Kids Worship are coming over for popcorn & Toy Story 3 party. I'm excited to have people over. BUT I've not even started cleaning yet. I am infamous for waiting till the last minute as I don't want my hard work to get undone! So tomorrow will be a busy day of exercise, schoolwork & cleaning!

Then on Thursday, March 3rd, I am hosting a Thirty-One Gift Party for my friend, Cami ( who is a new consultant. I haven't hosted a party like this since I was first married & hosted a Home Interior party. I've been working this week on getting invites out. Next week I need to plan my food. I plan on baking up a storm for this. Well, not up a storm, but I want to bake several things. I hope it's a good turn out for Cami.

If these go smoothly, maybe we'll talk ourselves into having a few more get-togethers this summer. I'm thinking a geek party! We have 2 Wiis & several party type games including Just Dance Kids & Rock Band 1, 2 & 3! Plus we have 6 computers networked together for some StarCraft! We also can just hang out. We can grill out & kids can play upstairs or in our fenced in backyard! Can you tell I'm trying to talk myself into being hospitable! ;-)

Have a great week everyone!


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Great job Lea. I saw that you were having that Toy Story 3 party and I think that is an awesome idea. I wouldn't mind getting an invite for the 31 party providing I could find sitters (since Ryan's working nights).

Joyfulmom said...

Check your email. You should have gotten a 31 party invite!