Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help! My hubby spends all his time on....

No, I don't need help. BUT I got your attention. I'm writing this because lately I've heard a lot of women complaining that their husband spends all his time on the computer or he spends all his time watching football or all his time playing video games, or whatever his passion/interest is.

It seems like so many women feel alone or unloved because other things take their husbands time & attention. While this is a problem, think about how much time you spend on girl things like shopping, sewing, scrap booking, etc...Just like you, your husband needs to have some fun. He needs to have an outlet for his frustrations. Now, I know it shouldn't monopolize his time, but he should have time to do it!

When I was first married & we would do things with the people my hubby worked with, I was amazed
at the disdain the other wives had for the hobbies of their husbands. I decided then & there that I didn't want to be like these wives! These wives just hated that their husbands had hobbies. They sat & brewed over the fact they were on the computers & wasting their time yet in the same breath were talking about how much time they themselves spent shopping or scrapbooking or on their own hobbies. They showed no respect for their husbands & talked bad about them. When I dared to ask if they thought about gaming with their husbands, I almost got laughed out of the room. (BTW, I know at least 2 of these marriages have ended! Sad.)

That's when I decided to take an interest in what my hubby was interested in. He was/is a computer geek & spent a lot of time on the computer. So, I started asking him about the computers & asking him to teach me what he was doing. I started being interested in his hobbies. Now we can spend hours playing "Rock Band" or "StarCraft" together!

And NO, he doesn't take photos or garden with me (my hobbies), BUT I do get to spend quality time with him and it has made our relationship stronger. Plus, I think he likes bragging to his geek buddies about the fact that he can game with his wife! Oh, & don't tell him, but I actually like gaming with him now!!

No matter what your husbands hobby (computers/gaming/sports/hunting/running/biking/boating/etc) I issue this challenge to you: Do you know what your Husband likes to do for fun? Do you know what his hobby is? Do you do it with him? If your answer to any of these questions is no, then maybe it's time to find out & act! Who knows, you might be like me & actually enjoy his hobby!! Plus, you'll get to spend quality time with your hubby!!

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