Sunday, August 17, 2014

Partial Christy Family Reunion

Once upon a time, a Hoosier girl ventured into foreign territory, Pennsylvania! Now doesn't that sound more exciting than a cousin from Indiana met up with her Pennsylvania cousins. Anyway, that's what happened today!

Enjoy some pics of us all hanging out & having fun! I think I got all the names right. Also, I can't believe that in all these pics, I didn't get one of Stephanie!

Jesse, Jordan, James, Chris, Rusty & Robert.
John, Carol & Dawn.

The first time David had met his 2nd cousin Dustin who is 6 month older than him.

David, Dustin, Jessica, Ashlee, Grace, Levi, Lebert & Aunt Connie.
Dustin, Jessica, Grace, Brantley, Ashlee, Levi, Aunt Connie & Lebert.
Chris, James, Rusty & Robert.
Jesse, Jordan, Chris, James & Rusty.
Rusty, Marilyn & Jeff.
Dawn, Patti, Jordan, Ashlee, Chris & Robert.
John, Carol & Dawn.
David, Dustin, Jamie & Jessica.
Dustin, David, Grace & Jessica.
Grace, Dustin, Jessica, James & David.
Marilyn, Sophie & Patti.
Jessica, Grace, David, James, Dustin, Elizabeth, Sophie, Jamie & Marilyn.
Patti, Lebert & Aunt Connie.
Aunt Connie, Lebert, John, Carol, Dawn & Ashlee.
Jordan, James, Robert, Jesse, Chris & Rusty.
The cousins: John, Robert, Chris, Lebert, Rusty & me! I'm the only girl cousin that was there today!

Cousins + Lebert's boys: Jordan, Robert, James, Chris, John, Lebert, Rusty, Jesse & me.

All of us with Aunt Connie!

Brothers: Chris, Lebert & Robert.

Marilyn, Rusty, Carol & John.

Our hosts: Lebert, Jesse, Patti, Jordan & James.

We had a great day! It was great to see cousins I haven't seen in years & to meet the families of my cousins! It was good to see Aunt Connie again. We need to do this more often!

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